Educational Webinars

Wednesday 1:00 to 1:30 pm – 20 mins talk, 10 mins Q&A. Online. Login details distributed to all paediatric units in the North East. Thanks to all our volunteers

Organised by Yincent Tse and Frederik Van Delft


16 Dec – Use of Legislation in Treatment of Children and Young People – Dr Rosalind Oliphant and Dr Eleanor Smith, Intellectual Disability Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, CNTW

9 Dec – CHER General Paediatric (GP3) Study Day – please apply directly to CHER

2 Dec – Management of Behavioural Disturbance in Children and Young PeopleDr Rosalind Oliphant and Dr Eleanor Smith, Intellectual Disability Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, CNTW

25 Nov – Reducing pre-operative anxiety in children – Tom Hardy, paediatric anaesthetist, GNCH

18 Nov – Physical effects of anaesthesia on the developing brain – Samira Ahmed, paediatric anaesthetist, GNCH

11 Nov – CHER Global Health Day – organised by Stephen Owens and Yincent Tse (click on picture for videos)

4 Nov – Teaching T cells to be Tolerant – Dr Aisling Flinn, academic registrar, GNCH

28 Oct – Channelling the airway in cystic fibrosis – Dr Iram Haq, academic registrar, GNCH

14 Oct – Neuro emergencies, initial stabilisation and neuroprotection – Dr Becci Johnson, Paediatric Intensive Care Consultant, GNCH

7 Oct – The voices of young people in outpatients: co-production of a patient experience project exploring transition from paediatric to adult care – Dr Neil Davidson on behalf of YPAGne

30 Sept – KidzMeds 2: Regional Immunosuppression Service for the North East and Cumbria – Drs Alex Battersby and Flora McErlane, GNCH

23 Sept – Tenfold medication errors in children, a problem for everyone – Dr Yincent Tse, Lead for quality and safety and paediatric nephrologist, GNCH

16 Sept – What’s new in paediatric sepsis – Dr Emma Lim, Paediatric ID consultant, GNCH

9 Sept 2020 – Phenotype flip in inflammatory bowel disease – Alison Campbell, Senior Surgical Registrar, GNCH

1 July – Utilising clinical pharmacology studies to support dosing of drugs in challenging paediatric patient populations Prof Gareth Veal Professor of Cancer Pharmacology, Newcastle University

24 June – Understanding COVID-19, research in the North EastProf Marieke Emonts Paediatric Infectious Disease Consultant, GNCH

17 June – Thriving in early childhood, from India to NewcastleDr Sunil Bhopal Paediatric registrar and clinical lecturer, 2020 RCPCH Lorber research prize winner  

10 June – COVID-19: Children aren’t little adults and other lessons for the North EastDr Stephen Owens Paediatric Infectious Disease Consultant, GNCH