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Our members currently have links across Africa and Asia, and we aim to build up a network with long term links to sustainable healthcare projects in low/middle income countries.

**New Opportunity** Funded OOPE in The Gambia

Stephen Owens (GNCH Paeds ID Consultant): "I am currently in negotiations with MRC Gambia and HENE to set up a 6-12 month clinical / teaching OOPE with the MRC Unit in Fajara, The Gambia from September 2018 ( The posted trainee would be expected to work as a doctor on the 19 bed paediatric ward and clinic, covering both the paeds and 11-bed adult ward out of hours. There is also likely to be a teaching commitment for Gambian medical students visiting the Unit and also those rotating through the teaching hospital at Banjul. GCP training would be helpful as the Unit exists primarily as a research facility and trainees are likely to be engaged in various studies during the posting. There will be onsite clinical supervision by a paediatric consultant there and remote 'educational' supervision by me, here. I'm looking for passionate, post-membership ST4+s to apply. Ideally there will be one trainee sent out on a rolling deployment continuously (1 in , 1 out) and I hope to offer a pre-OOPE training programme in the weeks before departure.

MRC will pay flights, accommodation/utilities and Gambian medical registration but as yet there is no salary. I'm hoping to be able to source some sort of stipend / allowance to offset this but for now interested parties should expect the post to be voluntary. The OOPE is expected to be a rich source of material for training portfolios and could possibly help to facilitate positive ARCP outcomes (though could not be counted toward training prospectively). It would be particularly valuable for those considering Grid applications in paeds ID or gastroenterology.

MRC have agreed to hold one of their two yearly volunteer post open to us for this scheme. However, I really need to get a feel for the level of interest across the region before writing up a business plan for the OOPE and MOU for The Gambia.

Interested parties should get in touch before end of September 2017, so that I know for certain that this plan will fly!"

RCPCH Global Links

The RCPCH offers clinical placements in several developing countries for trainees and consultant paediatricians. North East trainees are currently involved in this programme in Myanmar.

See our RCPCH Global Links FAQs or go to

Transform Healthcare Cambodia

Transform Healthcare Cambodia (THC) is a health partnership set up by a group in the North East, with Battambang Provincial Referral Hospital in Cambodia. They provide teaching, training and mentoring to Cambodian colleagues, in paediatrics and adult medicine. THC send 3 teams a year to Cambodia, usually for 1-2 weeks, which is an excellent opportunity for short-term volunteering. See the THC website for more information and how to get involved.

Syrian American Medical Society

Provides basic healthcare in refugee camps in Greece, Turkey, Jordan predominantly involving Syrians. This is primarily run by locals and long-term volunteers, with the aim that local health services will take over when able. PiNGHS members have been involved in short-term placements, protocol design and are arranging Skype clinics to discuss paediatric cases. 

The Face Charity

Provides free cleft lip & palate repairs to children in the Philippines, during an annual mission. Paediatricians in the group provide paediatric medical support including pre-operative screening, peri/post-operative care, and trouble-shooting other problems that arise.

If you would like any more information about these projects, please contact us.