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No course can compare to the educational experience of working in the field, but it makes sense to learn what you can about diseases and practices you haven't encountered before going. The most appropriate course for you will depend on your particular situation. We have summarised the ones we recommend below.


CHiLS - Child Health in a Low resource Setting

RCPCH's 3 day course in London aimed at any paediatrician planning to work abroad. Appropriate for all levels.


DTM&H - Diploma of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (London/Liverpool)

3 months full-time study (London Oct-Dec £6400, Liverpool Feb-Apr/Sept-Nov £6000) including lectures, seminars, lab work and limited clinical experience. Both sites offer a fabulous opportunity to meet experts and students from across the world. Open to doctors of any level and pretty much essential for those planning to work abroad medium-long term. Both schools offer extension to various masters.


DTM&H Glasgow

Option to complete DTM&H whilst working. Distance course over one academic year (Sept-June) with two face-to-face teaching weeks to cover practical aspects e.g. lab skills. £2350.


PGDipPID - Postgraduate diploma in paediatric infectious diseases

Two year part-time distance course plus mandatory attendance both years at the Oxford Hot Topics course and once at the Tr@inforPedHIV course. 2017 fees £4800 per annum plus additional course fees. Most appropriate for those planning to work long term specifically in PID.

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ETAT+ - Emergency Triage Assessment & Treatment+

ETAT is a WHO course proven to reduce child mortality in low-resource settings. RCPCH offer ETAT+, a chance to take the course and, if passed, to train as an instructor. £500.