Obtaining medicines for children with chronic conditions: easier and safer

Advances in medicines means more and more children are living and achieving excellent quality of live. However that comes with a burden on families being able to obtain these complex medicines easily near where they live, and ensuring that the right monitoring is put in place. Here in our region, KidzMed is a project funded by AHSN (Academic Health Science Network) and Great North Children's Foundation to try to make the system better and safer.

After consulting with lots of families, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and healthcare organisations we have come up with three goals:

  1. Converting children from liquid to tablets as soon as practical
  2. Share care guidelines across the region so more medicines can be prescribed and collected close to home
  3. Make it easier to get liquid medicines close to home when they run out

Converting children to take tablets

KidzMed Poster ENGLISH

Converting children from liquid to tablets is simple. In our experience majority of children over the age of five years with no significant swallowing or learning difficulties can accomplish this.

KidzMed Comic Poster in English (Click here to download to print out)

KidzMed Comic poster in 15 different languages

Create you own pill school in your clinic or wards here


KidzMed project team

Yincent Tse consultant paediatrian Nicola Vasey lead paediatric pharmacist Susan Oliver pharmacy technician Emma Lim Paediatric ID consultant Ailsa Pickering senior PID sister 

Damneek Dua Newcastle University medical student

Newcastle Paediatric Kidney Team: Victoria Emmet, Denise Chisholm, Chris Pattinson, Julie Office, Rachel Steel, Jenny Booth, Jayne Straker and many other unsung pill heros