Yogi Memorial Prize for Quality Improvement


Winner: Isla Gardner, 4th Year SSC Newcastle Medical Student. Audit of Empirical antibiotic prescribing at GNCH


Winner: Dr Fiona Rae, F2. Improving the safety of intravenous fluid prescribing at GNCH

Yogesh (Yogi) Joashi

1965 - 2010

Life and Times

Yogi was a bright young doctor dedicated to child health.  Hugely popular because of his equable temperament, constant smile and most importantly, his immense technical skills with the very small infant, he was well known for his instinctual recognition of the sick.

Sadly, illness made it difficult for Yogi to advance his career in Paediatrics. He decided, instead, to offer his services to assessment and care of the acutely ill child and became an invaluable and dependable resource on the Children’s Day Unit at the RVI. In this role he was also a stunning and patient teacher of medical students.

Yogi was a gentle soul and it might be expected that he would write poetry and create music, both of which he did. What was unexpected was his affinity and passion for motor bikes.  He was a complex, interesting and thoroughly charming colleague and those who worked with him remember him with fondness and gratitude.

He died suddenly of cerebral haemorrhage in 2010. He is survived by his son Tom and both parents.

The Yogi Memorial Prize fund was established by Yogi’s family to encourage trainees and students to engage in small scale audits, investigations and quality improvements. This theme best reflects Yogi’s own commitment to the well being of fledgling professionals.


Camille Lazaro OBE, Emeritus Consultant Paediatrician, Royal Victoria Infirmary

2018 Entries

Open to all nurses, allied health professions, non-consultant medical staff, SSC and other medical students and all students in any branch of healthcare who worked on a project in the North East and Cumbria to improve child health.

Submit abstract by 5pm 28th March, Prize presentations 25th April

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