Critical care


NECTAR North East Children’s Transport And Retrieval is the region’s specialist Paediatric Intensive Care transport service. NECTAR was officially launched on 15th April 2016 hosted under the umbrella of the Great North Children’s Hospital. It is housed in a new purpose designed headquarters at the Campus for Ageing and Vitality (previously Newcastle General Hospital).

NECTAR transfers critically ill children to one of the Paediatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs) we have here in the North East of England:

NECTAR will be transferring over 300 critically ill children each year.  The service is largely Consultant led and provided 24/7 telephone advice, triaging and decision support to clinicians throughout the region dealing with critically ill children.

It will also deliver outreach education through regular case review meetings with DGHs, regional multi-disciplinary study days delivered at NECTAR HQ with the state of the art simulation facilities.

The NECTAR website will host information for families and health professionals including guidelines, drug/infusions calculator and patient care pathways aimed to drive excellence region wide.


 Contact NECTAR

Acute Patient Referral: 01912826699

For further information visit us at

Campus of Ageing & Vitality, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6BE, General Enquiries Phone: 01912825777. Email:



Working & Training at NECTAR

Whilst working on PICU GNCH there will be several opportunities to undertake initially supervised and subsequently independent transfers of critically ill children.

You will receive training in the management of the critically ill child from the initial call, giving advice to the referrer regarding stabilisation, organising the transport team, to stabilisation in the referring hospital and transfer to PICU. You will also gain familiarity of the organisational aspect of retrieval medicine and have opportunity to participate in quality assurance projects, service development, research and also be part of management team meetings.

You will be an integral part of the retrieval team and experience multidisciplinary working across specialities and hospital boundaries. The range of cases encountered will cover general medical conditions requiring PICU (neurological, respiratory, infection etc) as well as specialist cases (neurosurgery, liver and cardiac).

You will hone your skills in

  • Communication and triage
  • Managing complex team interactions
  • Logistical negotiations
  • Human factors principles
  • Risk management and maintaining patient safety

You will be encouraged to maintain a reflective logbook of all transfers you undertake during your PICU stint at GNCH on the lines of the Paediatric Critical Care Transport Passport.

If you are considering working in critical care transport as part of your future career plan. Please contact:
Aravind Kashyap, Clinical Lead NECTAR
Lynda Pittilla, Lead Nurse NECTAR