The Paediatric Allergy Service at the Great North Children’s Hospital has evolved dramatically over the last 5 years and provides both regional and national tertiary expertise to children with atopic disease ( 1/10 children under the age 5 years in the northern region).

The department has approximately 1200 new patients per year with 25 children per year currently on the three year immunotherapy programme.

The service supports children with both IgE and Non IgE mediated allergy, allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, drug/venom allergy and complex multisystem allergic disease. The drug allergy and immunotherapy services provide support to all district general hospitals in the region. The service has welcomed close collaboration and support with other specialties within the GNCH and the RVI namely immunology, gastroenterology, nutrition, respiratory, dermatology, ENT and general paediatrics supporting 19 specialist clinics per week.

Allergy is embedded within a designated paediatric day case ward which is shared with other paediatric specialties. The department has 3 full day ward lists per week for food challenges, drug provocation tests and both sublingual and subcutaneous immunotherapy. The department has 2 consultant allergists, 1 allergy registrar specialist, 1 allergy nurse consultant, 1 allergy nurse, 2 allergy research nurses and a dietician who meet weekly at the educational hour and multi-disciplinary team meeting.

The annual allergy road show  for primary care and quarterly specialist allergy conferences run have proven very successful and unite the region to discuss new advances in paediatric allergy.

There are lots of opportunity for observation and learning within the department.


Contact Details

Allergy Secretaries – 0191 282 5266



eModule in Allergy and Translational Medicine

Launched in April 2015 at the University of Newcastle. This has already proven to be very popular to allergists, paediatricians, general practioners, dieticians, nurses and allied health professionals.

Training in our region

Subspecialty Grid training centre

Special Interest (SPIN) training centre

The Department has CSAC approval for training 1 SpR and provides 18-24 months of a three year GRID training programme in Paediatric Allergy.  There is a very strong and active research unit within the allergy service running more than 5 large national and international phase 1,2 and 3 clinical trials. These trials are run within the GNCH-research unit and the community. There is an active Northern Paediatric Allergy Group – NPAG.


A clinical team working with Dr. Prashant Kumar at the City Hospital in Sunderland has won the Allergy UK Clinical Team Award at an event which celebrated the efforts and achievements of people working within the allergy community. The team was nominated because of the patience, dedication and efficiency they bring to working with their patients.