Paediatrians who complete training in our region are skilled with the theory and practice of research and critical appraisal. There is an expectation that trainees will have direct expertise in research and be "PI ready" to be active collaborators in multicentred research when they graduate to be new consultants in the NHS and beyond.

Our region has national and world class researchers in most areas of paediatrics. Avenues exist for trainees who are interested in doing more research. Between 2010 & 2014 10% of paediatric trainees had taken out of programme time for research.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training for research

Certification is a prerequisite before being involved in any research. Course can be done online or face-to-face. It is recommended but not essential that GCP training is paediatric specific.

Ensure that a copy of GCP certificate is kept in your portfolio as it a copy will be required for each research study you are involved in. An accredited update is required every 3 years. Courses are run by our local National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN).

Online GCP certificate

Watch video first to learn how to access, then link below

Click here to access online GCP

Or read written CRN Learn User Guide

Upcoming face-to-face paediatric focused GCP courses


Getting into Research in our region

Our region has a great reputation for innovation and research in child health. Whatever your base sub-speciality, there will be clinicians who are research active. To get into research, you need to speak to people as early as possible. Even if you have not definitely decided on a sub-speciality, any research skills you acquire are transferable.

Ask the following to signpost you to the right people:

  • Any sub-specialist
  • Each unit will have a research lead
  • Your clinical or educational supervisor
  • Your Training programme director
  • Dr Andy Gennery (immunologist GNCH) is research lead for the School of Paediatrics