RCPCH Global Links FAQs.001

What is RCPCH Global Links?

  • 6-18 month placements in a low resource setting in Asia or Africa for post-membership trainee paediatricians and consultants
  • A fantastic opportunity to help develop sustainable positive change in child health in economically challenged countries and work alongside aspirational healthcare professionals
  • A recognised OOPE global health placement for trainees, and therefore often easier to get agreed with the deanery than some other placements

Who should I contact about Global Links?

Project managers as of 2017:

Peter Nash at peter.nash@rcpch.ac.uk    

Marcus Wootton at Marcus.Wootton@rcpch.ac.uk

The project managers can put you in contact with previous volunteers to speak to about their experiences as well as the medical project lead in the countries you are considering.

How far in advance should I start planning my application?

Give yourself as much time as possible. Previous colleagues who have participated in Global Links recommend up to a year and a half prior to your anticipated departure date.

What does the application involve?

A form to complete which evaluates interest and motivation for working in a low resource setting including the type of capacity projects you are interested in. You will be required to provide the names of two referees as well as your most recent CV.

Can I choose what project to get involved with?

You are asked to rank the countries in terms of preference. This will be taken into account when allocating placements if the application is successful.

Is there an interview process?

Yes, you will be invited to the interview stage if your application has been successful. This is usually in the form of a structured interview with two people from RCPCH Global Links team. Ideally this occurs face to face in London but can also be done via telephone or Skype if this is not possible. Reasons for why you want to work in a low resource setting will be explored as well as questions surrounding culture awareness, sensitivities and resilience.

If I'm a trainee, when should I apply to the deanery for OOPE?

It is practical to wait until you are accepted on the RCPCH global links programme before applying for OOPE in order to add more weight to your application. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case and alternative approaches may also be valid.

Where can I find more information?

RCPCH - Global Links Programme

There is also a volunteer handbook for Global Links which provides an understanding of what to expect and what would be expected of you: RCPCH - Global Links Volunteer Handbook