Online learning aids

The internet has become a great resource for learning medicine. How much better now is it to watch a developmental examination or to hear actual murmurs rather than reading it described in a textbook. New resources are shared everyday on social media. Look for them on #FOAMed which stands for 'Free Open Access Medical Education'

We have embedded an example video to illustrate what each site contains. Do click on the sites to see the rest of the videos.

MRCPCH Clinical Exams

mrcpchCreated by the Trainees Committee of the London School of Paediatrics, this site includes excellent video tutorials on each station, concise content written by leading paediatricians and advice from our trainees who have recently passed the exam.

Diabetes videos

didibetDigiBete is a video platform and social enterprise created in partnership with the Diabetes Team at Leeds Children's Hospital.  Videos are designed to help people and families self-manage their Type 1 Diabetes. They are great for health professionals new to diabetes.

Inhaler Technique Videos


Videos and information leaflets describing how inhaler and spacers should be used. Videos come from the charity AsthmaUK

Paediatric Sepsis

Pathways, clinical material and patient story videos to help spot and treat sepsis early

From Resilience and the Great North Children’s Hospitals Sepsis Hub. More info contact Dr Emma Lim, consultant paediatrian GNCH


Examination of joints

pmmPaediatric musculoskeletal matters hosts a number of educational resources relating to musculoskeletal conditions in childhood. On here, you will also find access to pGALS and pREMS, examination techniques which were developed by our team in Newcastle and now widely taught at medical schools and in postgraduate education across the world.


pGALS App allows you to learn by the bedside
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