Leadership Training

Paediatrians who complete training in our region are skilled with the theory and practice of team leadership and organisational change. The have insight into their own individual leadership styles and have resilience to deal with the demands of life as a consultant in the NHS.

Collaborative paired leadership programme

Leadership and management development needs to be incorporated into all junior doctors training. It is one of the new GMC generic capabilities. We need to move away from the traditional approach of  sending the senior trainee off on the leadership course towards the end of training.

The programme aims to :

  • improve and junior doctors knowledge and preparedness to take on leadership and management roles.
  • increase staff engagement and allow managers to work with junior doctors  gaining an insight into the challenges we face on a day to day basis.
  • improve relationships and the perceived cultural divides between  doctors and managers
  • develop the organisation and improve patient care

 The programme involves the recruitment of 30 NHS managers and doctors across the region who will participate in:

  • planned shadowing;
  • facilitated dialogue
  • 6 facilitated workshops based on key leadership themes. Held over two mornings and two full days. Study leave will need to be sort.

Closing date 10th February 2017,  Application to be signed by educational supervisor. Dates for facilitated workshops to be available end of January.

Formal evaluation will be through pre and post intervention preparedness to lead questionnaires and semi-structured interviews based on the healthcare leadership model.

The programme is due run between February and July 2017. Please see attached flyer

If you could kindly complete the attached application form and educational supervisor learning agreement.

Send to Moranda.elliott@ne.hee.nhs.uk

Successful candidates will be informed by 23/2/2017

Introduction to the programme will be held on 01/03/2017 at 17:30 at Waterfront 4, Newburn riverside, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 8NY.

NHS North East Leadership Academy

NHS leadershipacad

Nearly all courses are free to those employed in NHS units in our region.

Leadership and Management Programme for Trainees

Four day course for all trainees in our region. From HEE NE & Cumbria.