Paediatric Medical Student Mentoring Scheme


Newcastle University Paediatrics Society is an undergraduate society that organizes opportunities for medical students interested in Paediatrics.

Aims of the Mentoring Scheme:

1. To provide undergraduates with a mentor for support and clinical advice in the area of Paediatrics.

2. To provide opportunities for undergraduates to organise shadowing/placements.

3. To provide interested undergraduates with opportunities in projects in Paediatrics.

What it means to be a mentor:

1. Fantastic teaching opportunity with mentees who are interested and willing to learn

2. Help with research or audit projects.

3. Provide advice and answer queries (mostly via email) regarding career pathway/choices and other areas in Medicine

Mentors are not obliged to provide shadowing/placements for their mentees but may do so if they are willing.

If you would like to be part of this programme as a mentor, please drop us an email

We are working with the School of Paediatrics to give mentors acknowledgement and recognition for their efforts and involvement in this programme. Thank you!